Tuesday, 12 February 2013

This movie gets me every time.

So much truth. Best movie ever?

500 Days of Summer <3

Ka Pai

So I had my second day of work experience at the local community paper today. One of the things I did was accompany the editor to a photo op at a new community centre that is being built out in Highbury. It was next to the local marae and there were lots of people around doing various things for decoration of the building once it's completed. 

I have never met a group of people so friendly and hospitable.

When asking the guys doing the wood carving for their names (and correct spellings), one told me he liked my nails (I am currently sporting a leopard-print design courtesy of my friend who does nail art) and then picked up his carving tool and asked if I wanted a manicure. HAHA. He was a hard case that one. 

Though we had gotten what we came for, we were encouraged to stay for lunch and take part in the shared lunch that was being put on for the builders, carvers and weaving ladies. And what a spread it was. I lost count of the number of people who offered me a cup of tea and said 'help yourself to the sweeties, love' etc etc.

Then, the ladies who were inside doing weaving work wouldn't let me leave (even though the editor was ready to go oops haha) until I had completed one cross on the tapestry thingy they were making. They wanted me to be able to come back one day and say I helped out and point out the little bit I did.

Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, it was so nice. I love that about Maori culture, the emphasis on hospitality, community and being welcoming to anyone and everyone.

Ka Pai ;)

Thursday, 7 February 2013


So my friend and I watched The Notebook the other night (prob my 6th time or so). While the movie itself made me sad, something else that made me sad was noticing just how dead chivalry is within modern society. The way that Noah chases Allie and woos her is just adorable, and made even more so to modern viewers because it's such a rarity nowadays. I know the movie is set in the 40s and society has changed, which is to be expected of course, but this is something that shouldn't have changed. These days if a girl holds back at all it's "too much effort" and they're quickly forgotten. That's not to say it's all the fault of males though. Girls are definitely 'easier' these days too, meaning the guy doesn't have to make as much effort and therefore gets used to making less effort....it's a vicious cycle.

I know this is not always the case, and there are exceptions (though few and far between). One of my close friends is actually currently being pursued by a guy who is making every effort. It's super cute. Unfortunately she isn't really keen, but still, I commend his efforts and respect his determination!! And you never know, all his efforts might just pay off in the end.

I wish we could go back to the days where guys took girls out to dinner and the movies and bought them flowers and made all sorts of efforts to win them over. And I don't think it would be too hard to get back to that, cause if a guy really likes a girl he will make an effort. And if girls weren't so loose then guys would have the opportunity and motivation to do so.

You may agree or disagree, which is fine, but you can't argue with the fact that chivalry is rather rare these days. And I think that's sad.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

What's been up lately...

Apologies for my delay between posts, I have been all over the place lately and haven't actually found the time/have been too lazy to sit down and write. But I will be better from now.

Over the past few weeks I have been on the hunt for a job, which is getting more and more desperate/depressing/scary/worrying as time goes on and my savings keep whittling down. Thankfully my hours at my current job have picked up a bit again but still not enough. I have lost count of the number of jobs I've applied for online, but the problem with online job-hunting is that all those jobs are applied for by hundreds of people, and there will always be someone more qualified or better for the role than me. It's hard to not get really down about the lack of success, but I'm trying to keep my head up!

In talking about my monetary woes though, I have myself to blame for a lot of it. I've been travelling around a lot lately, which hasn't helped my funds! I had the 21st of one of my dearest friends in Hamilton one weekend (which was awesome!) then was up in Hamilton again the following weekend for the Parachute music festival (sooooooooo much fun) which was a real money-killer. Fortunately since then I've been able to curb my spending quite a bit, and I've had some decent work shifts too.

Here are some pics from my life lately...


Social social social!! Sorry some of the pics are terrible quality (they're from an iphone).
My next step is to go door-knocking with my CV. I am dreading this very much, but I must do it.
Ly xx
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