Monday, 28 May 2012

Who knew?

I think New Zealand is a pretty sweet country. As I've grown older (and wiser..I hope?) I've come to appreciate this great country of ours much more than I used to. Though I have nothing to compare it to and I am biased because it's where I come from, I think New Zealand has so much going for it. This view was reinforced when I stumbled upon this article. Turns out, there are some mean cool places to stay around our country, places that differ from your general hotel or b&b. Take a look....
The Boot, Nelson. 
Straight out of the 'There was an old woman who lived in a shoe' nursery rhyme!

The Giant's House, Akaroa.
Looks like something out of Alice in Wonderland or Dr Seuss's head!!

Yurt accomodation, Raglan.
This is the interior of the yurt, which is pretty much a tepee. I kid you not.

The jailhouse, Christchurch.
Each room is fully kitted out like your everyday hotel room. Buuuuuuut it's an old prison.
Not too sure I'd like this one, have seen too many scary movies in this sorta setting...

Woodlyn Park, Waitomo.
Stay in the hobbit hotel (pictured) or in a plane, train or ship!!

Solscape eco retreat, Raglan.
Stay in a tepee (again, wow), an earth dome or train carriages which have been converted into rooms.
(plus feel good doing it, its all eco friendly)

So cool! Staying at these places is definitely going on my bucket list!! 

Saturday, 26 May 2012


This is what I've been doing all weekend. Sitting staring at my computer screen, watching the word count of my essay sloooooowly increase. This will also be my weekend next weekend, cause my life is that exciting.
p.s. it's cold and raining, hence the hat and dressing gown.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

10 good things right now

Freshly dyed hair
Dressing gowns
Warm showers
Handwritten letters in the mail
Tickets to Coldplay
..................................................can only think of 5. awkward.

Saturday, 19 May 2012


My sister and I have tickets to the Coldplay concert in November!!! SOOOOO excited!! Such an amazing band who have been around forever and have innumerable hits (yellow, trouble, fix you, every teardrop is a waterfall, paradise, viva la vida, lost, speed of sound, princess of china, violet hill.....) so def glad to have gotten tickets! This will be the first big concert of my life. The only other big concert I've been to was a Hi5 one back when I was a wee youngin. haha. It's hard to pick my favourite Coldplay song, as there are just too many I like, but you really can't go past Yellow...

Hope you're having a lovely weekend :)

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The mundane

Pretty mundane life here atm: wake up, uni work, uni, uni work, dinner, bit of tv, uni work, sleep. Repeat. The only differences are the gym and work. It's getting pretty stressful here atm as assignments are coming at me (bro) left right and centre. Buuuut slow and steady, taking each day as it comes is what I'm focusing on for the moment.
Something I stumbled upon today..

Talk about timely.
Also, it's grad week at Massey this week, so lots of pretty girls and boys around campus in their robes. YUSS that'll be me next year!! Woop!

Friday, 11 May 2012

A Blonde Urge

So I'm naturally blonde right, but have been dying my hair dark since year 13, so for about 3 years. I like having dark hair, but recently have kinda had an urge to go back to blonde again! Defs not the shade I was though, which was borderline ginge. Though I really really want long dark hair one day, I'm thinking that maybe in the interim while it grows longer I could be blonde coz it's super easy to go back to dark again from blonde. Plus, it'll be so much easier to maintain when it's blonde, as my regrowth will be blonde so won't have to dye as often!

I know the mothership will like this idea, as pretty much every time I see her she tells me how she misses my blonde hair (plus I'm sure she won't mind not having to dye my hair every time she sees me either hah).

One thing that is holding me back atm (other than the monetary factor) is that to go back to blonde I'll have to bleach my hair first, and bleach is sooooooo bad for your hair. But since I'll be dying it less when it's blonde maybe it will be healthier in the long run so will be worth it? It will be a big change and is quite a risk I guess but I'm a pretty chilled person when it comes to these kinda things and keen to try new things and I reckon change is good!
Kinda keen to get my hair done this summer! A prezzie to myself for finishing my degree!
I really like this shade...


Plus, if I don't like it, I can always easily go back to dark hair.
But I'm still kinda iffy atm, coz I don't think I'll suit blonde again!!!
Help! Thoughts please!
:) xx

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

To you...

Thanks so much for your lovely message, it means a lot. You always make me feel better, you always know the exact words to brighten up my outlook, and you will always take the time to talk or listen, even when you're super busy. I think we have a twin-like bond going on, you always seem to know when I'm feeling blue, before I've even said anything. We're pretty cool like that.
I thank God that he has blessed me with such an amazing and supportive friend :)

Love you lots.
p.s. will reply after this weekend (3 assignments due in 7 days...argh!)

Monday, 7 May 2012


So much on my mind lately, am going to vent some on here but will try not be too complain-y as I know it's not fun reading girls complain heaps.

Firstly, Facebook.
It's safe to say for me that I'm pretty addicted to it as I tend to check it multiple times each day. In saying that though, I have gone days and even weeks without it before and haven't really missed it because I've been otherwise occupied. I guess I just go on to keep up with the haps, coz I'm really nosy and coz I'm bored/procrastinating. HAH just went on again. But more often than not I really despise it. It gets frikn depressing when those rich, Havelock North girls constantly post pics of their oh-so-glamorous lives (eating at flash restaurants all the time, drinking fancy cocktails, casually hopping over to oz, partying at their richie rich Auckland/Wellington flats, always being suh fashionable etc etc). And those people who are always partying and seem to have the most amazing social lives and look good in every single photo. And those people who are always becoming friends with new people, when you haven't had a friend request in weeks/months. Then there's those annoying people who update their status' like 20x per day, and those people who put 'meaningful' quotes as their status, that really bugs me, like they're trying to be all deeeeeeeeep.
Don't get me wrong, there are those blessed souls who actually make the visit worthwhile, those who put crack up status' up and share interesting links and who you actually want to keep in contact with etc etc. But generally speaking, Facebook sucks. So tempted to delete my account, or at least have a massive purge and get rid of all the people I don't actually care about, which would leave me with maybe 50 friends. And that's another thing, Facebook can be cruel fuel for one's insecurities, when you don't have as many friends as other people, when no one writes on your wall etc etc. And I know you may be thinking that if I feel this way it's my own fault, and yes I know that's the case. But this is my blog and I can write what I want and you can hate if you want, whatever.
First rant over.

Secondly, Food.
Body image/exercise/eating/comparing oneself to all other living beings on earth/failing constantly at goals you set yourself/trying to eat healthily....constantly plagues my mind. What I think about most. Sad eh? I have this one friend who has got the whole 'healthy lifestyle' thing down pat, and that's something I'm insanely jealous of, I just can't seem to get into it. Don't wanna rant about that too much as I will just sound like a sad loser.
Second rant over.

Thirdly, Nek year.
So many people have been asking me what I'm gonna do next year and it makes me feel so lost and worried when I'm always answering with "I have no idea". I've tossed around a few ideas...move to Hamilton and work up there for a bit (way more opportunities there and I have friends and family there, but where would I live? Don't think I'd be able to live at home again, I'm too used to flatting now, but wouldn't really want to live with randoms), live and work wherever I can in Hastings for a year, but would I really want to live with the grandparents for a year (and they probably wouldn't want me there for a whole year) or in a flat with randoms?, move to Wellington and flat with my friend there (lots of media opportunities there and a pretty cool city but so ridiculously expensive - I can't fathom spending $180 a week on rent alone, esp without student loan!), flat with the sister and work in Hawke's Bay? But don't know if I would like to flat with my sister tbh!, stay in Palmy? Have a great flat here, but don't really want to stay here after finishing my studies!, move down South and flat with my friends in Dunedin? Very tempting, and lots of opportunities for work there, but then I'd pretty much have to start from scratch and sell all my furniture etc etc. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. This is becoming quite a source of worry/stress for me. All I know for sure is that I want to work full-time for a year and then head overseas. So insanely keen to travel. But then I'd have to have someone to travel with and none of the people I'd want to travel with seem to be keen or able to when I want to. Sigh.
Third rant over.

Wow. This is one heck of a depressing blog post. Guess you can tell I'm not in a great mood tonight.
Hope you're feeling happier than me.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

A sisterly visit

I had a lovely weekend this weekend, and I hope you did too. My sister came up for a visit on Saturday, and we spent the entire day shopping up a storm (her more than me) then went to the movies and watched The 5 year engagement which was brilliant, really funny. Jason Segal is awesome. Theeeeen today we did a spot of op-shopping, had Pita Pit for lunch (arrrrrrgh so yummy) and chilled for a bit before she had to leave again :(

I love having visitors, its so fun (hint HINT).

^^ This is the tattoo my friend and I are getting. You like?

(I was totally going to do a ponderous blog post tonight but then couldn't be bothered. sorry).

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


So a few weeks back my sister and I were in Ahuriri, a cute little village not far from Napier. This area is one of my favourite places in Hawke's Bay; it's right by the beach, where all the little fishing boats are, has the best Mediterranean deli I've ever been to, has a mean chicken eatery and ice creamery, and has some other lovely wharfside restaurants (which double as nightclubs on the weekends). While I was growing up Dad used to take us to the wharf to go fishing so I have many fond memories of the area.

Anyhoooooo...there's this amazing antique shop that the sister and I always visit when we're over there, called Whale's Tale Antiques. My golly that shop is amazing, gets my imagination in a whirl every visit! It's incredibly crammed with stuff and wouldn't be good for clumsy people to visit (always so scared I'll break something!) but it's smell, all the amazing treasures it houses and just the feel of the place is magical. I love it. If you're ever in the area, make sure you check it out!!

So many treasures, and just imagine the stories behind them!!
Hope you're having a beaut day :)
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