Sunday, 30 December 2012

The old resolutions

So the time has come to welcome in the new year - 2013. I am heading back to Hastings this afternoon to see the new year in with my best friends. I am really quite excited. We will probably head over to Napier and watch the firework display. So I found my resolutions that I made at the start of this year, and here's how I did:

  • Do really well academically seeing as it's my final (and most important!) year
I did pretty well this year, though I could have done better for sure, but then that's always the case. I'm pretty happy to get top in class for a few of my papers, and to have a degree that has over 50% A grades. It's awesome to have a degree under my belt now! And can't wait for graduation!!
  • Get into the habit of eating really healthily. Three meals a day, everyday. Here's to making this year the one where I finally kick those unhealthy habits!
Don't think I've really achieved this one. Had periods of eating really well but they didn't tend to last very long. I definitely still need to get into the 3 meal a day routine.
  • Keep up regular exercise.
Yes!! Jaclyn and I have been excellent with the gym this year, and I've reached the point where I actually really enjoy going. We've varied things up this year by taking Les Mills classes to supplement our usual cardio sessions, and this has definitely made exercise more enjoyable :)
  • Be more social, and make more friends!
Well I most definitely achieved this one! It has been my most social year to date. The people we flatted with helped with this as they were a social bunch. I have been out pretty much every weekend! It's been great. And I have made more friends as a result. Met so many new, interesting people. Didn't really have many guy mates before this year but I can say I now do, which is cool as.
  • Become more self-confident....somehow...
These all kinda link in with each other. Definitely have become more self-assured and confident. No doubt being way more social has helped in this respect. Actually was talking to Jac about this a little while ago and she said she'd noticed it in me too. This makes me happy :)
  • Go to more gigs!
Haven't really been to many local gigs. But I did go to Coldplay (which was beyond amazing) so that kinda counts, right?
  • Blog more! And maybe get to 10 followers? 
Don't know if I've blogged more but I've kept it up! And yes I surpassed 10 followers! Yuss. 

A kiss for you loyal readers, cause you are awesome :) 

Saturday, 29 December 2012

One magical night

On the 8th of December it was the 21st of one of my nearest and dearest friends. A group of about 20 of us went out for a meal at Lonestar in Napier and then went back to her place for dessert and drinks. My amazing friend had completely decked out the backyard with a gazebo, fairy lights, candles and other lovely things so that the effect was a magical wonderland of sorts. It was just beautiful. The dessert was fantastic too - cream puffs, jelly slice, cheesecake, strawberries, whoopie pies, mini pavlovas...!! It was the most wonderful night. Great food, great music and great company. Unfortunately I didn't get too many photos of the setup but here are some that give you a rough idea (though they don't really do it justice):

^^and one of the cool kids couch ;)
I believe that Jess got a few ideas for decorations from pinterest. Definitely a source of inspiration if you have any events coming up!!

Friday, 21 December 2012


I love having a camera on my phone. The ability to snap something you see while out and about is excellent.
Another thing I love is food. And therefore, I will often combine these two loves. I have been eating out quite a bit over summer (as you do) and so my phone has a fair amount of pictures of what I've been putting in my mouth....


Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A Tragedy

This school shooting over in Conneticut. Such a tragedy. So many innocent lives lost, lives that could have gone on to achieve greatness. I just cannot fathom how someone can be drawn to commit mass murder like that, and I (along with MANY others) am frustrated at the lenient gun laws over in the US. It's such a culture over there, a gun culture, and it's completely ridiculous that such a deadly weapon can be purchased so easily. I really hope that this leads to a reform of the laws.

Also, I bet this would have been classified as an act of terrorism if the guy had been an Arab (a frustration with US media that I could go on and on about)
R.I.P to all those who lost their lives in the shooting.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Money Woes

Although I do enjoy the festive season, it is made significantly less enjoyable for me because all manner of expenses seem to occur during the period. On top of buying Christmas presents and travel costs etc, my car rego had to be paid recently (almost $300...sob..) and my WOF is due soon which I need to get two tyres for...waaa. Plus having my new smartphone and not realising that it would let me go over the limit on my plan has led to a huge first bill.

I hate money. It's so depressing.
Sorry to be so full of complaints! Actually pretty happy atm :)

^^^^ Cute!!

Thursday, 13 December 2012

A salute to the suit

I don't think there is any outfit that looks better on a guy than a suit. They just look so crisp and clean and sexy when they're worn well. And it's such a rare occasion these days to see a guy (especially in NZ) in a suit. My dream is to one day go to some super swanky event in a beautiful designer dress with a man in a suit on my arm....the kind of event that has live music, champagne, delicate little nibbles and all that jazz.
Bahaha...a girl can dream, right?

Join me in my appreciation of the beauty of the suit...
Liam Hemsworth
Joseph Gordon-Levitt (I have a massive crush on him)
Eddie Redmayne (love this guy)
The Cloonster...always so suave...
Matt Bomer

If that spread doesn't convince you then I don't know what will. 
I hereby salute the suit :)

Monday, 10 December 2012

Productivity is key

Today has been a very productive day! 
I have: cleaned the bathroom (including the ceiling), installed a washing machine, hung up and cleaned our massive bathroom mirror, sorted through the new flatmate's kitchen/house stuff (took ages!) and washed everything to go in the cupboards, sorted the shed out, did some washing, hit the gym, blogged...YAY satisfied!!

Haha for some reason I just woke up with a plan of attack and have been on the go all day, and it's so satisfying to have done all this stuff that needed doing.

I think I deserve some chocolate after all that....

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Movie Wrap

My thoughts on some movies I've seen recently...

Breaking Dawn Part 2 - Wasn't keen to see this tbh as I'm not a fan of twilight. But I obliged on the request of a friend whom I hardly ever see. It was actually not as bad as I expected, and I even found myself engaged at some points (particularly the battle scene). Not terrible, but still not a fan sorry.

Argo - An interesting true story about Iran-America relations. Saw this with a friend in Hamilton and really enjoyed it. It's intellectual and has some really intense moments. Ben Affleck is brilliant as the protagonist, and the supporting cast are also great. I felt smarter after watching this.

Magic Mike - So incredibly lame. Yes I do appreciate the fine male specimens on offer but that could only sustain my interest for so long. Bad acting, a lacklustre story-line and so much cheesiness meant that I was bored early on, and resorted to facebook chat instead.

Melancholia - I had high hopes for this flick, as it received rave reviews from both critics and my mum and sister. However, I disliked it immensely. I was interested at the start, with the wedding scenes, but after that it became boring, weird, depressing and drawn-out, and I found myself irritated that nothing was being explained. Kirsten Dunst's character annoyed me too. The only thing I really liked about the movie was her wedding dress.

Brick - Now this was a goodie, but that is to be expected of films starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The plot had twists and turns and kept me on the edge of my seat. It's a film full of teen angst, and I enjoyed it very much. Recommended.

Any suggestions of films I should watch?

Oh hai there :)

Hey there readers, sorry for my absence!

Our flat has been between internet plans so I've been relying on phone internet for the past wee while, which is simply not viable for blogging. But I have now returned!!

Since my last blog post:

  • Two of my flatmates (including the bestie) have moved out. There are currently only two inhabitants, and its weird not having the loud ones around anymore. 
  • We had one last party at the flat before these two moved out. It got cray. Jac and I dressed up as cats, we were pretty darn cute.
  • I've been working a fair amount, which is good because Christmas is super close! ahhh!
  • I've become a fan and user of Instagram.
  • I've watched heaps of Game of Thrones. It's amazing.
  • Had the most lovely weekend in Hastings with the parents. Lovely food and great company = bliss.
  • Caught up with a few friends, which has been nice.
Jac and I had a pamper day and did these face-mask thingys. One of mine was electric blue, as you can see. This is my take on 'blue steel', Derek Zoolander eat your heart out...!
Got given this super cute gift for being a valued customer at 278 on Cuba. It's hot chocolate in a jar! Choc drink powder, choc bits and marshmallows...just add to hot milk and voila! So cuuute :D

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Hold on to your seat...

It's 10:30pm on a Saturday night...I'm bored, sitting on the computer. I am not used to this. So to occupy myself, I am attempting my best scary face...

HOW do I have friends?

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Join me for a ponder

Do you believe in 'if it's meant to be, it will be" and "everything happens for a reason"?
I am a firm believer in these two sayings, and I think having the sort of mindset they give you is a great way to look at things. If something doesn't go the way you envisioned, there isn't much point lingering on clearly wasn't planned to happen that way!

I also think that having this sort of outlook is a good way to remain positive about things. For example, my recent garcon-related events could have left me upset/sad/depressed/annoyed/angry etc etc, but I refuse to let it. I see no point in lingering on the 'what if's' and agonizing over how things didn't go the way I may have wanted. Also, I think that these experiences (even though they may suck at times) are all learning curves, and what you learn from them helps you on the way towards what's meant to happen for you (if that makes sense?). In this way, everything that you go through contributes somehow to the bigger life picture.

 I know this is way easier said than done, particularly when feelings are involved. But the way I see it, it evidently wasn't meant to be (sorry for how cheesy that sounds), and that's cool.

Peace yo xx

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Currently in Dale's world...

Firstly, apologies for the depressing post prior to this one. I had a short while of feeling sad re le garcon over the weekend. However that didn't last long and I am back to my happy self again :) Actually, life is pretty sweet atm!! Hitting the gym lots, not having to study (and hence being able to troll the net, watch tv shows and movies and read etc etc), getting lots of hours at work, hanging with's great!!

I got a new smartphone today (no not an iphone unfortunately...) and have spent a great deal of today figuring it out, getting apps and all that jazz. It's pretty awesome I must say.

Currently in Dale's world...

I'm listening to: Rockin' with you by Chris Rene
I'm reading: Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins...finally...
I'm missing: Jess & Jo!! Not able to see them at all this summer waaaaa :'(
I'm restraining from buying: Nothing at this moment of time. Most unusual for me.
I'm craving: Mum's tomato soup. Salmon. The non-alcoholic cocktails from The Flying Burrito Brothers.
I'm watching: Gilmore Girls season 4. Game of Thrones season 1.
I'm wondering: What is the meaning of life? (lol jac...)
I'm crushing on: Tom Hardy.
I'm about to: Play a logo quiz on ma phone. fun.
I'm resolving to: Eat healthier!
I'm liking: the sweet irony and truth of the following picture...
hope you are all doing good :)

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Wednesday, 14 November 2012


So, last Thursday I journeyed up to Hamilton and then to Auckland on Saturday to go to the Coldplay concert at Mt Smart Stadium. Having never been to a big concert before, I didn't really know what to expect, though I'd heard that they put on an excellent show. I don't really know how to describe it other than in single adjectives: Amazing. Mind-blowing. Extraordinary. Fantastic. Brilliant.

Every song was a hit, Chris Martin was perfect live (and mega energetic - had to change shirts about 4 times due to sweat soakage), and the crowd were soooo into it. Such a buzz. My personal favourite was Princess of China because the band relocated to the front of the stage (it was a runway sorta shape) which was super close to us!!

Also very cool were the different coloured wristbands that every audience member got. These lit up during certain songs, in time with the music!! Soooooo awesome. The stadium looked like a Christmas tree (minus the tree part hah). The show also included fireworks, confetti blasts, a laser show and these giant inflatable ball thingys that were sent through the audience. It was truly spectacular.

After my first concert experience I can definitely say I am keen to go to many more in the future. And I love Coldplay very very much :)

The Temper Trap (most famous for Sweet Disposition) who opened for Coldplay were also amazing.
All in all, a great experience. I want to go again. 

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Broken cycle

Had a lovely weekend, hope you did too!! After going out every weekend (and sometimes twice) for the last 20+ weeks in a row, I broke the cycle and didn't go out on Saturday night, instead opting to study for my forthcoming exam. How sensible of me.

Have an exam on Tuesday then am heading up to Hamilton on Thursday to visit the parents then up to Auckland on Saturday for Coldplay!!! ARGH!!! excitement maximum!!

Random side note: I've been straightening my hair a lot less lately because I simply cannot be bothered and have recently become a renewed fan of the braid....which gives my hair a nice kink when taken out. Here is a pic of how my hair has been lately:

Does it look at all stylish or just messy? I'm thinking messy in this particular
Had a visit from le garcon too on Friday which was lovely :)

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

1 down, 1 to go :)

Had my first and second to last exam today!! Woop!! It went pretty well, wasn't rushed for time or anything as we were only required to write 2 essays in 3 hours which is plenty of time. Next one is next Tuesday so got a bit of time before the freak-out begins again lol.

When I came home the first thing I did was put a t-shirt on as its freakin' hot here today! Then when the lovely Jac got home we proceeded to make chocolate whoopie pies! OMG they are the most delicious thing everr!! So lite and fluffy!!

Hitting up Body Combat tonight, dinner is all ready and Gilmore Girls will be watched! Life is goooood :)

Monday, 22 October 2012


I've randomly been thinking about the different types of humour lately, because one of the first things I notice about someone I meet is what sort of sense of humour they have, and something that attracts me to someone is if they have a similar sense of humour to me.

I asked my mum what sort of sense of humour I have a few weeks ago and she described it as "dry quirky" and "witty". I definitely notice that the humour I use is not everyone's forte, as sometimes I'll meet someone and make a joke that I'd be used to my friends laughing at and this new person won't laugh, and its like...awkward....haha.

This is one of the main attractions to le garcon, our humour is very similar :/

So I googled types of humour just to see how they can be classified, and have discovered that my sense of humour is a mixture of these types:
  • Sarcastic - I use sarcasm a LOT. If you know me well, you will be aware of this. Sometimes I even use sarcasm in text. This usually fails.
  • Self-deprecating - I will often make fun of myself. And others, actually, but in a joking way. This sometimes comes back to bite me though if the other person doesn't realise I'm kidding...
  • Witty/Highbrow - I like to think I'm a bit witty. I like to use puns :)
A sense of humour is a wonderful thing, and is so so so important. Cause your friends are those who not only are there for you through thick and thin but who also make you laugh lots (and thereby share a similar sense of humour). And personally, I love to laugh, and heartily appreciate those who can make me laugh :D

This is a photo of me laughing. I have no idea what Jess and I were laughing at, but any time spent with her involves many many laughs. I love this picture though, its so in-the-moment and candid <3

Monday, 15 October 2012

A list of randoms

  • I lost my phone battery on Saturday night. Not the back panel that houses the battery or the sim card, just the battery. wtf. So bought myself the cheapest phone I could find, $39. It's actually awesome and super easy to text with. I love it's simplicity. In saying that though, I really want an iphone.
  • I want to belong to a book club one day. I love the idea of reading a book a week and then getting together to talk about it over drinks and canapes. It would also keep my mind young I believe (this is assuming I join the book club when I'm older).
  • Going to see Taken 2 tonight! Excited! Loved the first one so hoping the second one is just as good. Have heard good things from one friend. Also, Liam Neeson is awesome.
  • They have a 'guess the number of jelly beans in the jar' competition going at the local New World supermarket. The thing is though, it's only black and white jelly beans. WHO would want to win that? Pretty sure those are the two flavours everyone and pink are where it's at!!
  • Only 10 weeks till Christmas!!! whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!! This means summer though! woop!

Friday, 12 October 2012

Amen to this

"Happiness is a choice. Yeah, things in life make it difficult, but at the end of the day you control your own happiness."
Something I need to remember!! 

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

An amazing song

So I have fallen completely and utterly head-over-heels for the song It's Time by Imagine Dragons. I heard it on the radio the other day and was wondering for ages where I'd heard it from before. I finally worked out that its on the trailer for The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which I've watched multiple times. Anyho...bought the song yesterday and have pretty much had it on repeat ever since! It's so beautiful in both composition and lyrics...

I don't ever want to let you down
I don't ever want to leave this town
'Cause after all
This city never sleeps at night

It's time to begin, isn't it?
I get a little bit bigger, but then I'll admit
I'm just the same as I was
Now don't you understand
That I'm never changing who I am

If you haven't heard it, please have a listen! I hope you fall in love with it as much as I have :)

Friday, 5 October 2012

People I wish were my friends

Jamie Oliver - Seems like such a chilled, down to earth guy, with a heart of gold. Not to mention his amazing culinary talents. Like honestly, imagine going to a dinner party at his place...(drools)...!

Johnny Depp - Do I really need to explain this one? He is pretty much the epitome of cool, and he is an amazing musician and quite a looker too. Can just imagine he would be an awesome person to chill with outside on the deck in the sun with a cold beverage, jamming his guitar.

Zooey Deschanel - Quirky and a complete babe, if she's anything like her character on New Girl she would be one fun chick to hang with. I imagine she would be the kind of friend to do girly things like baking or crafts with. Or go antiquing with.

Stephen Fry - Wittiness is something that I really admire (and wish I had more of), and this guy is pretty much the ultimate master. Hopefully being his friend would mean some of his incredible intellect would rub off on me....!

Jack Tame - This TVNZ journalist seems like such a cool dude. He's so passionate about what he does and mega talented at it too. I imagine him being a friend that you could have deep and meaningfuls with about current events yet still go out with for a dance.

George Orwell - I admire the mind of this man greatly. Through his novels you can see he has some pretty strong beliefs, and I just imagine a conversation with him would be stimulating and thought-provoking.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Pretty much think this guy is amazing. He's an incredibly talented actor, a good singer and super cute! I reckon he seems like a guy you could watch chick flicks with, and he would actually enjoy them, and would enjoy walks around pretty gardens and stuff like that. Not saying that he's really girly, but he comes across as a guy who would enjoy and appreciate the simple things in life.

Atticus Finch - An emblem of unwavering morality and goodness, who wouldn't want Atticus Finch as a friend! He would be the type of friend you'd go to for life advice, the type of friend that everyone needs.

Quite an eclectic group of people aye! Funny that there's only one female in there too. 
Who do you think would be a cool friend? Fictional characters allowed ;)

Monday, 1 October 2012


So I mentioned in this post that life is a roller-coaster of ups and downs, and that you have to take each day as it comes, and embrace each scenario in a way that you are proud of. Well, I'm in a definite down period at the moment, after some very high highs relating to le garcon. Things seemed to be going really well between us, and it was exciting and cute. He was even getting to the stage of actually paying me compliments, which doesn't happen too often from him! But recently it's been different. He doesn't text as much and when we chat on skype he's distant and uninterested. Plus, a few comments from other sources lend me to believe that he's over it. This has made me a wee bit sad, and the week thus far has not been fun.

We watched the Sex and the City movie in class yesterday, which was actually a lot more enjoyable than I expected. I've never watched the show before, but I could really relate to the character Samantha. Definitely not because of her actions (nooooooo way...ew...!!) but how she hates her moods/emotions being defined by males. I feel exactly the same over this whole issue. One of the things that annoys me the most about it is that I've let it get to me this much, and effect my mood. I hate that. I hate that the way I feel about myself is defined by a boy. Grrrr! 

Sorry to sound so depressed and angry. The 21st I went to over the weekend was actually heaps of fun, its just a pity the aftermath was so downbuzz.

This wee gem from Marilyn Monroe is something I shall try to keep in mind this week.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Pink lips, pink nails

So I'm heading to a 21st tonight (filled with nervous excitement) and have bought a new LBD for the occasion. I've decided to accessorize with a single chunky gold bangle, a gold heart necklace and little gold rings. I'm wearing my black strappy heels, and to add a pop of colour I have painted my toenails and fingernails bright pink and will wear my bright pink lipstick to match!

Le outfit
Le nails and lipstick (which you can't really see but it's very bright!)

I've tried the outfit on a few times and am happy with it so hopefully I can pull it off tonight! :)

Nailed It

One of my good uni friends, Jessie, has gotten into nail art this year and every time I see her I'm intrigued to see what design she is currently wearing. She is amazingly talented at it, and I always marvel at the patience she must have to painstakingly paint each different design.

Here are some of my favourites...

Floral Pattern
Cute cat pattern
Sneakers! so cute!
Despicable Me minions!
Pacman - amaze.
Pretty florals 
My personal favourites - rose pattern :)

Ain't she talented! Check out many more amazing designs and the tutorials for them on her blog and be sure to check out and 'like' her facebook page!! She's an awesome chick too :)

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Well hello there

Interesting things as of late:
  • Watched Memento for class yesterday. Brilliant movie, so intense and intellectual! Just how I like. I think Christopher Nolan is up there with my favourite directors. He must be one smart cookie.
  • Worked at an 80th birthday party last Saturday. The man whose birthday it was, Fred, was the sweetest little old man ever. He has Parkinsons and couldn't hold his drink for long due to shaking. So sad to see.
  • Bought a dress online the other day from Nasty Gal. Can't wait for it to turn up!
  • Going to a 21st this weekend that is going to be absolutely insane. Met the guys whose house it's being held at last weekend, such crack ups.
  • Two songs we are cranking a great deal lately: Gangnam Style and Feel Inside (and stuff like that). Also loving Pursuit of Happiness by Steve Aoki and Kid Cudi. 
  • Had the cutest Gilmore Girls date the other night. 3 of us (one being a boy) sprawled on my bed watching Lorelai and Rory go about their lives. Currently on the second season (I've seen them all multiple times) which I think is one of, if not, the best. I love Gilmore Girls, actually.
  • Despite sounding cheery above, in reality this is me a bit lately...
It hasn't been the best of weeks :(

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Parental Appreciation

I'm working heaps this week, starting at 7am everyday, because the lady who usually opens up recently had her father pass away. It was really sudden, my boss was telling me that he just got out of the shower and dropped dead while he was drying himself. I reckon that would be the worst, for it to happen so sudden like that. Though of course it will be extremely difficult whatever the circumstances, at least if the person has been sick for a while you can sort of prepare yourself, and spend lots of time with them during their last days.

I honestly can't imagine how I would cope if something like that happened to my parents. I'd be utterly distraught, and I don't think I'd be able to function for ages. I'm really close and have a great relationship with my parents, so to not have that would be so so strange. Just writing this is making me tear up!

I guess the motto here is to enjoy every moment you spend with your parents (or any of your close ones for that matter!) cause you never know if it will be the last. Don't fight, don't leave on a sour note....cause imagine how much regret you'd feel if that was the last thing you ever said to them.
Love you ma&pa

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Current life haps

Hey there! Sorry for the delay between posts, I keep meaning to post but then don't get round to bad. Here's what's up with me lately:

  • Uni - getting pretty busy atm. 3 assignments due next week (gaaaaah). I'm sure lecturers get together in their staff room thingys and connive to put due dates all in the same week. evil. 
  • Work - got heaps of hours over the study break which was excellent (ca-ching!). Next few shifts are doing nights which I much prefer, so cruisey!
  • Flat - going ok at the moment. Things have calmed down somewhat (for now anyway). As always, love living with Jac who is my go-to/confidante/partner in crime/SB4lyf.
  • Weekend - Nuts. Had 2 crazy Australians visiting the flatmate over the weekend. So the boys decided they would do a 3 day bender: going out Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Thursday night I sober drove them to town (5 big boys in my little hatchback (one in boot) = LOL), they got home 2:30am. Friday night they had another added to their number and hit a party then went to town. Awoke at 3am to moaning in the hallway followed by retching in the bathroom. Poor Graeme had a wee bit too much. Saturday night they were all over the place so Jac and I went to watch the rugby at Erik's and then hit town with him. Met the boys in town. Got home with the boys at 3:30am and went straight to sleep. Pretty sure a few boys slept  on the floor that night cause we didn't have enough couches/beds for everyone. Crazy but fun times. Also hung with the parents on Saturday during the day which was awesome. So lovely to see them again. We went out for lunch, I took them for a tour of my work and then we had a drink beside the fire at Brewer's Apprentice. So nice. Also got to see Jess and Ethan on Sunday which was also cool! Such a mean weekend filled with my favourite people :) :) :)
  • Le Garcon - texts everyday, is coming over for a movie night on Friday (ta for advice Emma), is also coming to party in Hastings with me&jac&erik this weekend! excite! still incredibly attractive ;)
  • Gym - really enjoying it lately. Body Attack tonight YAY (that is not laced with sarcasm btw).
  • Music - getting into a bit of trance music lately, courtesy of le garcon. Armand van Buuren what up.
  • Recent splurges - went clothes shopping with Jac yesterday, spent too much oops. Bought a khaki parka (have been wanting one for aaaaaaaaages so this purchase was justified I think), a top and some cute ankle boots. Also bought some new flats today. Soooooo balance has suffered a wee bit.
Here are some photos from Thursday night. Adam, Blair and Dan were gutted they weren't on my photo wall so made me take some  photos. However, they wouldn't stay still so the pics are all rather blurry. This is probably how they were seeing things though hehe...
Me & Adam - I was standing on the bed so I could be the same height as him. 
Me, Adam, Blair
Adam and Blair - he actually wasn't punching Blair in the face.
Adam, Blair and Dan. Silly boys wouldn't stop moving. LOL
good times though

Thursday, 6 September 2012


Something I really really really dislike is when people talk about you behind your back. I think its a mark of a small mind when people do this, and its just hurtful and unnecessary. I've had this happen to me quite a bit lately, and it sucks so much, especially because the claims being made are COMPLETELY untrue but the person behind it refuses to hear my side of things. Unfortunately, this person has taken an immense disliking to me (when it should  be directed at someone else) and is just hating on everything I do and say. I'm so sick of it. At first I just laughed it off because it's so stupid, but its getting to the point where it's really effecting me. Its not nice to be called names, even when you know the labels aren't valid, and to know that there's people who dislike me who haven't even met me because of the stories being told about me. GRRRRRR. And the really ridiculous thing is that this person doesn't have the guts to talk to me face to face, instead abusing me via text and via others.

But to be honest, I think I'm handling it pretty well. True, it does get to me, but I know that what is being said isn't true, so being sure of that within myself definitely helps. Plus, the people whose opinions of me I actually care about haven't changed how they see me despite all the nasty things being said. I'm not retaliating in any way, cause I don't want to stoop to that level, and I think the best way to handle things is to just be my normal happy self, cause that's the best type of retaliation. 

Head up Dale!! lol.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Me & Cat

This is our flat cat. His name is cat. He and I were chilling today, as we do. We're cool like that.

Girl time

While it's fun to hang with the boys at times (and can be a great deal less stressful), there is nothing that beats a good 'ol girl hang sesh. I personally think there isn't much that beats just chilling with the besties watching movies with some sweet deliciousness and great conversation. In saying this though, the bestie and I were talking about how it would be fun to have a night doing totally girlie things that we never do, like slathering on some face masks and having a grooming sesh whilst listening to some really relaxing music. So this got me to thinking about other ideas for nights with the girls, and after doing some 'research' I came across a few ideas I want to try some time...
  • Scouring youtube for make-up tutorials and spending a night practicing all sorts of different looks (I'm not too good with eye makeup so would probably fail miserably but it would still be fun!)
  • Find some awesome craft to do and have a night being totally crafty with glue and sequins and glitter!
  • Learn a dance routine from youtube! Then bust it out in town later?
  • Pick a nationality and dedicate the night to it - French food, french movies, french clothes, speak french...etc etc
  • Clothes swap! 
  • Get in the kitchen and cook up something completely random from scratch - not allowed to buy anything, that's the challenge!

Really want to do some of these things over summer, with those beautiful souls I love spending time with. Especially want to have a pamper party type thing - could be heaps of fun! Do you have any other ideas for fun girl night activities?

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


So I love trying new foods right, and about a month ago my friend and I were having a movie night and on our trip to the supermarket we discovered some interesting looking American sweets in the international section. So, being the adventurous souls that we are, we decided to give some a go. Here's what we tried: 
Reese's Pieces - ok so I'd actually tried these before but I LOVE THEM.
Pretzel m&m's - really yum! Kinda like crispy m&m's but saltier. They are pretty big though so this packet only had like 15 of them (which is probably a good thing..!)

Whoppers - these I was very excited to try. They are like maltesers but instead of being covered in chocolate they are covered in peanut butter! So yum! I still like maltesers better but these were still rather delish, very addictive though.

We also had Wonka Sweet Tarts (like sherberts) and my friend bought me a twinkie cause I was saying how I'd heard of them heaps but never tried them. They are also very yummy.
And just FYI, we didn't get through all this in the one night, just tried a couple of everything. I'm not that bad! hahaha (actually, that's debatable).
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