Sunday, 30 October 2011

An oopsy daisy moment

I made the mistake of joining Tumblr yesterday. Right in the middle of exams. Idiot. It is insanely addictive. It's halloween today, I hope we don't have kids knocking on our door all night, coz I'm tryna study!!! Haha.
Oh and btw, if you've received weird emails from me, my account must have been spammed or something, so I'm sorry bout that.

Something that made me laugh today:

Oh, and my tumblr is
check it out!! :)

Thursday, 27 October 2011


Into the study here, with exams beginning next week :o very much not keen for them again. Being cooped up inside all day going over lectures is not what I'd like to be doing with my time, but I really want to do well in exams so I gotta put the effort in. Just watched that 'take this lollipop' thing on facebook, have you seen it? It is sooooo creepy!! I was home alone when I watched it too, which was not ideal.
On my study breaks today I cleaned the house. lol. It was actually a nice way to get away from the desk!
Now that I'm pretty much done with studying for today (I tend to do it all day then take the night off, until exams are really close anyway), I want to share some of the pictures that have been inspiring me lately..

(via glamfuck)
(via taneamonique, dontstopnow-)

(via dirtylittlestylewhoree)

Also, I am feeling happy atm because I just did my eyebrows and they look good :)
hope you've had a good day

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Pure Happiness

So the All Blacks won the world cup. Pretty awesome. I think this picture epitomizes how everyone is feeling right about now. Love you All Blacks.

Cory Jane and Israel Dagg making snow angels in the confetti :)

Friday, 21 October 2011

Dear F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Hi. Hello. I've just finished watching all ten seasons of you, and it has been an absolute joy. I don't think there is a show out there that comes even slightly close to your absolute awesomeness. You never fail to put a smile on my face and make me laugh, especially you Joey and Chandler. One day I will visit Central Perk in New York and sit in that famous red couch, and bask in your legacy. I'm gonna miss our dinner dates, I don't know what I'm gonna do without you! But the good thing about you is that you can be watched over and over and never get old, so I shall come back to you at some point in the future and re-enjoy you :)
Some of my favourite moments from you...

10x05 TOW Rachel’s Sister Babysits

3x02 TOW No One’s Ready

7x01 TOW Monica’s Thunder

(via partyended)
5x07 TOW Ross Moves In

I salute you F.R.I.E.N.D.S, you are truly one of a kind :)

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


So, I usually wear my hair straightened and down, and have for quite some time. But I'm really liking pictures I see of girls with natural curls, and thinking that maybe over Summer I should try and rock that look rather than straightening my hair everyday. My only problem is that I think soft curls look better when you have long hair, and mine is not very long. But I'll let the pics do the talking...

this is how it looks pre-straightening (and fringe clipped back)
either way is fine?
no? (haha my best 'no' face)

What do you think?

Friday, 14 October 2011

Amazing Amy

Omifreakin goodness what a day. Received a package in the mail first thing this morning - a box of hershey's kisses and Example's CD. Stoked! I had entered a comp on the edge website a while ago and won! Woop! Great start to the day. Then one tutorial and lecture was cancelled aaaannnnndddd out feature writing tutor made us cupcakes! They were amazing too, with sprinkles and edible glitter. No kidding. But then, because a day cannot be all good in Dale's world, when I got home I realised I had left my keys in the house, so spent an hour outside waiting for the flattie to come and let me in (I was also hyperventilating at this point as I had to get inside  to upload my essay that was due at 5pm!). Then went to the gym and after getting home and showering, discovered I had left my ipod at the gym. Eek! Was very worried that someone would have picked it up and taken it home. So went back, stressing, but thankfully it was exactly where I had left it. Phewf. Now that all that's over, its nice to sit back and relax and watch some television :)

In our forensic linguistics tutorial this morning, we watched a youtube clip that actually blew my mind. It's this lady - Amy Walker who does 21 accents, amazingly well. It's had over 6 million hits and you have to watch it.  It's only 2 and a half mins, so dooooooo it!!!

What do you think? I was so amazed when I saw it. She is so very talented.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Mad Men

We watched the pilot episode of Mad Men yesterday in tv studies, as part of our debates over how you define what is 'quality tv'. I'd heard of it and knew it had won lots of awards and stuff but I'd never been particularly interested in watching it. Buuuuuuuuuuut I really liked it. It's about Don Draper, the creative director of an ad agency in New York in the 1960s and his work and home life. It had intelligent plot lines and dialogue, interesting characters, great acting, no drugs or sex, a great setting and great styling. It's refreshingly different, and I can see why it's won critical acclaim.

Mad Men S2 promos - mad-men photo

I think I may have to try and rent the series and watch it over summer.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Just for kicks

Today was great. 11am start and only an hour of uni until I could return home. Though I still have loads of uni work to do whilst at home, it's still better than actually being at uni. Yay that the All Black's won again last night too, though if they were to lose to any team I'd rather it be to Argentina (got a bit of a soft spot for the pumas). The Argys put up a great fight though, and were humble in defeat (part of the reason why I like 'em). They are going to be a force to be reckoned with (excuse the cliche) when they join the four nations next year and start playing against the best teams on a yearly basis. But Yay for the ABs :) And Yay for Mills getting his 100th cap. Shame they didn't play his speech though.

Anyho.....for today's Much Love Monday I'm sharing some shoes that are TDF (to die for). I think that if I'm ever rich, I'm gonna be a shoe lady. One of those ones that has an entire wall in her walk in wardrobe just for shoes. haha. Nah probs not, but one can dream. Here are some that I heart:

black, fashion, heels, high heels, shoes
CL Check open-toed high heels
cl black shoes
The cool thing is that the last three pairs are from Wild Pair so are actually affordable!! Check out one of my favourite blogs, Here Comes the Sun to see how Amanda wears the bright orange pair just above! 
These shoes would all make my feet ache though, I'm pretty sure! But still, I love!!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Back to basics

So I've noticed that I haven't done any diary-type posts as of late which is unusual for me, and I know that some people (well one at least) like to read this blog so they know what I'm up to. So today I shall revert back to that type of post :)

This week has been really crazy. I have been in at work three times this week, as well as attending all my classes and having three assignments on the go simultaneously. I also had my first experience of court, as for my linguistics paper we had to sit in on a trial in order to analyse courtroom discourse (breathe out now, it wasn't me that was in court. tehehe you all know I'm a complete angel...). That was an experience. The Palmerston North court is faaaancy, and you have to go through metal detectors and such as soon as you get in the door. I made an idiot of myself by forgetting to go back and get my keys from the tray after I went through the detector. Eejit. Aaaaaannnnnnnnd I still managed to set the frikn thing off both times I went through. Oh gawsh. haha. We sat in a jury trial, and the three of us were the only audience members, so this lawyer dude came and asked us if we were just observing and when we said yes he told us that it was a sexual abuse case. So we were like 'uh oh'. That kinda freaked me out, as I didn't really want to hear any graphic detail. But it turned out that the questioning of the accused wasn't graphic at all. Phewf. Court is very interesting, the power dynamics that go on and all that. I enjoyed it even though it was a very grim case.

Other than that, the week has been full of assignments, classes and work. Looking forward to a rugby-filled weekend and the arrival of a best friend tonight :) YAY.

Oh, I managed to go to the Argentina vs Georgia game in Palmy last Sunday which was beyond awesome. The game itself was pretty meh but the atmosphere was electric, and there were sooo many dashing Argentinians in the crowd. I'm pleased to be able to say 'I was there' at RWC 2011 and took part! Even though it was a minor game. It's sad now to not see the team buses as you go down the main street.

So yea, that's me. Busy bee atm.
Oooooooooooh I found these really cool 'McFancy' photos on another recently discovered blog - Eat Drink Chic. I thought they were mc-nificent!! Lawl, please excuse my lame humour :)

Darn. Now I feel like Maccas.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Two things...

Two things that someone very special has said to me recently:

  • Anytime, day or night you want to talk, I'm here. Always will be. xo
  • Keep smiling beautiful, look in the mirror and see that absolutely stunning person everyone sees. ♥
ily :) xx
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